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Roliga Robsten bilder

lib-5.jpg picture by edseth27

lib-9.jpg picture by edseth27

lib-3.jpg picture by edseth27

lib-2.jpg picture by edseth27 

Söta bilder på Robsten. Lika som bär, eller?

.. 2010-11-05 | 18:08:51

Sötaste paret: Robert Pattinson och Kristen Stewart

Robsten är, enligt OK! Magazine, det sötaste paret.

Tack till TF

.. 2010-08-19 | 20:34:37

Underbara Robsten manips

De är så vackra tillsammans!

Källa: TF

.. 2010-08-17 | 11:56:23

Robsten, på riktigt?

Utdrag från Twifans text.

Today has been unofficially named “Robsten Day” for Twi-hards around the world as they rejoice in the proof-filled pictures that their real-life Edward and Bella, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, are indeed a for realz couple! Ever since RPattz landed in Montreal to visit his GF on the set of her new movie, it seems like they’ve both had a fuck it attitude to people catching them in the act of lurv. And I for one, in all my mature adult glory, couldn’t be more thrilled!

I called my mom on the way home from work to tell her that I knew what I was going to blog about tonight. I said there are pics online of Robsten all lovey dovey in Canada and she said; “Oh ya, I’ve seen those all over the place today…online, on TV.” Ok – awesome. So my unwritten blog topic is yesterday’s news already. My MOM even knows about it! Great! Oh well, I’m not missing a chance to add my two cents. Could these two love birds beeeeeeee cuter?

I mean, there’s just something about a dude that can have any woman in the world – literally – but since the beginning of filming “Twilight”, he’s only had eyes for KStew. He’s been loyal to that girl through thick and thin, through her mullets and unsexy boyish attire. He sat by and patiently waited for her to warm up to him. There’s really no tellin’ how many times she’s blue balled him. Now that’s love! But it seems she’s finally come around. Like, she’s suddenly seeing what the rest of the living, breathing planet already knows: ROBERT PATTINSON IS GOD’S GIFT! And he wants her. Geez, where’s she been all this time?

Är Robsten på riktigt nu?

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