.. 2010-01-31 | 21:02:30

Twilight för 69 kr idag!

Idag har CDON.com ett erbjudande för alla Twifans. Nämligen, Twilight DVDn kostar endast 69kr idag! Observera, endast idag. Alltså cirka 3 timmar kvar.

Skynda fynda!


tack till tts för tipset

.. 2010-01-31 | 10:29:38

Taylor om hans karaktär

Här pratar Taylor Lautner om hans karaktär i Valentine's day.

Källa :TTS

.. 2010-01-30 | 14:56:22

Outtakes från Venice Magazine

Outtakes på Anna Kendrick från Venice Magazine.


imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com 
 imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com 
 imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com 

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.. 2010-01-29 | 09:09:07

Två nya heta Rob-bilder

Hittade två nya heta bilder på vår älskade Robert Pattinson.



Från EW.


.. 2010-01-29 | 09:01:01

Rob svarar på en fråga

För ett tag sedan fick man posta en fråga till Rob om Remember me. Här svarar han på en fråga.

Källa: tts

.. 2010-01-28 | 09:25:30

Kristen går iväg

Kristen går iväg från reportern när hon frågar om hon är Team Edward "offscreen".


.. 2010-01-28 | 09:20:49

Kristen går iväg

Kristen går iväg när reportern frågar om hon är Team Edward.

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.. 2010-01-27 | 17:59:09

Stephenie Meyer hos Operah

En intervju från förra året tror jag. Stephenie Meyer besöker Operah, och pratar självklart om Twilight.

Tack till tts

.. 2010-01-26 | 09:26:07

Cameron Bright 17 år!

Idag fyller Cameron Bright (aka Alec) 17 år!


.. 2010-01-25 | 17:41:29

En massa Jackson

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

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.. 2010-01-24 | 17:29:30

Från Peters livechat

Peter Facinelli hade en livechat igår, här kommer några frågor och svar som ställdes.


Peter playing the role of Carlisle must be a lot different than Dr. Fitch Cooper because obviously Carlisle is a vampire, but are there any other differeance?

they’re 180 degrees apart. carlisle is a very calming figure and the foundation and rock of a family
. Cooper is a lot more energetic and immature than Carlisle. I think the only thing they have in common is they both wear white coats

Hello Peter, I am a 30- something fan of yours from Colorado. First I’d like to just say that you brought the chracter of Carlisle to life on the screen and added a lot of dimension to him so thank you for your performance. My question is: Are you glad you did the Twilight Saga (not that it’s quite done yet) and where would you like to see your career go from here? Thank you so much for your time!

I’m very excited to be a part of the Twilight Saga. It’s very rare for a movie to have this kind of efect on people and to be a cultural phenomenon.
I try to do things that I haven’t done before – hopefully I’ll continue to do so, and continue to surprise the audience and surprise myself

Hey. I’ve seen a lot of your interviews and I’ve noticed that you are never asked any of the basic questions! Like, what’s your favorite song?

you know, I have such an eclectic taste when it comes to music, so that’s a very difficult question for me. I’ll listen to everything from Eminem to Elvis Presley to The Beatles
. Don’t have a favorite band that I listen too — kind of like a little bit of everything

What is your favorite thing about playing a vampire?

I think being a vampire is fun because you get to live forever.  as an actor, the coolest thing about playing a vampire is that vampires are cool right now, so it’s fun to play one

Hi Peter, Hope you are well! Q: If you could be any character other than your own in the saga, who would that be and why? Thank You for all the time you give to us fans on twitter! xx

Edward, for a bunch of reasons, if I were younger would be a great character to play. If I couldn’t play Edward I’m quite happy playing the dad. I don’t think the apple falls far from the tree.

Can you play any instruments and are you a good singer? ;D

I always sing in the shower
. I can play maybe 2 songs on the guitar — Blackbird (Beatles) and La Bamba

Do you have a dream role you’d like to play, if so what?

I don’t know what that is — I like having scripts come to me and they either strike a chord with me or not. When I was younger, I always wanted to play Spiderman…but that didn’t happen.
There are some genres I’d like to play in- westers, action, romantic comedy. There are some things I’ve been writing, and hopefully I can get financing and make those films.

who inspired you to act?

My inspriations were Paul Newman and Robert Redford – Saw a movie ”Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and those guys looked like they were having a lot of fun and I decided that’s what I wanted to do
. Now I like Sean Penn and what he’s doing. Gary Oldman. I like to be surprised by an actor – you never know what you’re going to get and they don’t play the same role. I try to take on contrasting roles, like Carlisle and Cooper

Team Taylor or Team Robert?

haha – I gotta go Team Robert. he’s my family. I love Taylor, but Rob plays my son so I got to keep it in the family. But as far as the real actors in the film — I think they’re both immensely talented and I support both of them.

If you’re not an actor, what would be your job?

I’d be working at Blockbusters so I could watch a lot of movies
. If I could do something else in the entertainment industry I’d be either a director or a writer…I’d have to be able to tell a story one way or another. I’m writing now and hope to direct some day. would like to do all 3 one day – write, direct and act

Hi Peter, i’ve 14 years old, and i’m from Brazil, i wanted to ask you how was the fight scenes in Eclipse for you? And the preparation, it was hard?

The fight scenes prep was tedious but fun. I enjoyed it immensely. Going to work and training, doing fight choreography and working out was fun. We had about 5 weeks to prep, so every day we were working really hard.  It wasn’t like digging ditches, but it was fun to be able to go in and be a part of that. It became very competitive within the cast

What actors do you want to work with in the future?

I’d love to work with Clint Eastwood, Sean Penn, Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. I’ve been really fortunate to work with some really great, talented people in my career and I’m looking forward to continuing that.

tack till tts

.. 2010-01-23 | 14:30:55

The Runaways update

Här kommer lite nya saker från The Runaways där både Kristen och Dakota medverkar.




.. 2010-01-21 | 21:26:56


Det här kan nog vara de dockor som är mest verklighetstrogna, eller vad man säger, jag sett. Fast det är ju en konstnär som målat de. Hittat på tts, så tack till er!




.. 2010-01-20 | 20:20:29

Bra intervju med Robert Pattinson

In terms of Robert Pattinson, Hollywood has one thing on its mind right now and that's money. Can he open a film on his own? Can the name Robert Pattinson deliver derrieres in seats when it counts, March 12-14, 2010?

Remember Me is Pattinson's first film outside the Twilight franchise. While it has a small budget and is technically considered an indie film without the backing of a huge studio, the media, the general movie-going public and Hollywood itself, have all been busy spinning this film as a rather big litmus test for Pattinson's future as an actor and Hollywood's idea of a movie star.

In a little over 14 months, Pattinson has gone from "that guy in Harry Potter" to one of the brightest, fastest, rising young stars we've had in recent memory. His ethereal face graces the covers of countless magazines and he is the topic of so much baseless gossip across the Internet that even Pattinson has most likely lost track of his own self-described "boring" story. The spotlight has been resting squarely on his shoulders since before Twilight opened in November 2008 and today, it shows little evidence of letting up. But Hollywood wants what it wants and right now, what it wants is proof that Robert Pattinson is more than Edward Cullen and that he can put money in pockets. More money, that is.

While Pattinson became the face of the Twilight saga and arguably the breakout star of a franchise that has raked in well over a billion dollars, this is a vital time for his career. And a career does seem to be what he is quietly intent on seeking.

As a writer named Albrian on an Internet movie blog expressed it, "There is a quiet steely determination to succeed. The self deprecating quotes are a smokescreen for an ambitious young man."

The media constantly churns out stories asking if Robert Pattinson is the the new Depp, new James Dean, the new this, the new that. They desperately want him to be the new something, throwing out impossibly high standards and competitions that can never be won. Depp, Pitt, Clooney, and DiCaprio...all the major movie star names you can think of. Pattinson has been held up to the light and compared against them all, but to anyone with a little common sense, it's kind of like pitting a GED against Ph.D. in terms of sheer experience and acting credits. Of course when has the media (or random people on the Internet) ever had common sense?

Pattinson is a great story; charming, sweet, British and handsome with a huge and very loyal fanbase that believes he's talented. Just how talented? With the likes of Chris Cooper, Kristin Scott Thomas, Allen Coulter and Declan Donnellan among others signing on to work with him, it seems pretty certain that his fans have bet on a good horse.

Pattinson appeared on the Hollywood scene almost overnight. With his now recognizable name on everyone's tongue and flowing out of everyone else's pen, his sudden fame makes him a very easy target. And the media is determined to keep talking about "the new guy." One day he's the golden boy and the next he's being taken to task for the kind of fame he never even dreamed for himself. Depending on date and time, Pattinson is talented, he's not, he smells, he doesn't, he's stuck up, he's down to earth, he's hilarious, he's whines too much, he's sweet, he's mean, he's in, he's out, he's up, he's down.

The truth? He's just human, and by all accounts, a pretty decent, gracious and very grateful guy who's got to be overwhelmed by the wishy washy celebrity vortex he's found himself in during the past year.

Läs hela artikeln här.

.. 2010-01-19 | 20:15:38

Kellan Lutz intervju

Källa: TTS

.. 2010-01-18 | 20:04:13

Anna och Taylor på Weinstein After Party

Anna Kendrick och Taylor Lautner var på Weinstein After Partyt.

Anna vann "People's Best Dressed of the evening"

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.. 2010-01-17 | 17:26:00

Justin Chon till Sverige

Justin Chon, som spelar Eric i Twilight, ska komma hit till Sverige! Wihu!

Taget från tts:

Justin Chon kommer alltså befinna sig på SCI-FI mässan i Göteborg mellan den 6-7 Mars.
Där kommer man även kunna ta en bild tillsammans med honom, mot en avgift och få hans autograf!

Enligt det jag läste, kostar en biljett 100kr/dag. Det är öppet mellan 10:00-18:00. Kanske skulle man kunna annordna en stor twilight-träff där i Göteborg samtidigt? Vad tycker ni?

Vem ska dit?

.. 2010-01-16 | 14:07:25

New Moon i Japan

Såhär ser New Moon DVD specialen ut i Japan. Lite japansk stil.

Källa: NMM

.. 2010-01-15 | 19:38:52

New Moon dvd release


JA! Nu är det äntligen klart! DVDn kommer att släppas 30 mars här i Sverige, samma datum som i USA. How wonderful? Alltså är det bara lite mer än två månader kvar. Längtar.

Detta finns med i den amerikanska DVDn, och förhoppningsvis kommer vi att ha liknande bonusmaterial i våran New Moon DVD.

Special features include Director Chris Weitz’s commentary and over 3 hours of exclusive extras:

The Journey Continues: A 6-part making-of documentary:
- Life after Twilight
- Chris Weitz takes the helm
- The subtle details
- A look at production
- It’s not magic
- Ready for the World

• Music Videos:
- Death Cab for Cutie: Meet me on the Equinox
- Anya Marina: Satellite Heart
- Muse: I Belong to You behind the scenes rehearsal footage
- Mutemath: Spotlight

• Fan Event Q&A with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz – (Content Exclusive for the UK DVD!!!)
• Fandimonium: A look at the die-hard fans
• Team Jacob vs Team Edward: The ultimate love triangle
• Deleted scenes
• Edward goes to Italy
• Edward Fast Forward
• Jacob Fast Forward
• Interview with the Volturi
• Introducing the Wolfpack
• Becoming Jacob
• Edward goes to Italy
• Jacob fast forward
• Edward fast forward
• The Beat Goes On: The music of The Twilight Saga: New Moon
• Frame by Frame: Storyboards to screen

Tack till TTS

.. 2010-01-15 | 19:35:42

Edward makeup

Här kommer en bild då Robert blir sminkar till sin roll som Edward.


Bildkälla: TTS

.. 2010-01-14 | 21:23:32

Ännu en Ashley intervju

Hittade den här korta snutten som mest handlar om kärlek, kan man väl säga? Här är det alltså Ashley (igen) som svarar på frågor via telefon.

Radar: Are we going to see you in some love scenes in Twilight?  We need to see you in an onscreen romance!
Ashley: Hmm, yeh.  There’s a bit of one. Actually I don’t know if I want to so that…You’ll see one, ahh yeh, you’ll see one coming up in my near future.
R: In Eclipse?
A: I’m not telling!  You have to go watch it!
R:Anything with Pattinson?
A: Ohh gross! I think all the Twilight fans would strangle me.
R: You are not really brother and sister.
A: We’re not, but we have that weird brother and sister…I think out of anyone the connection Alice and Edward have and because of their extra abilities, that would be weird.

.. 2010-01-14 | 16:49:55

Ashley intervju av Michael Sheen

Ashley Greene har blivit intervjuad av en medspelare i New Moon, nämligen Michael Sheen (Aro). Den är lite smårolig sådär.

MICHAEL SHEEN: Okay. This is my first question. This is the only really serious one, and then the rest are quite funny. The first one is: As an elf, raised by humans, have you found a lot of discrimination against the fairy folk here in Hollywood?

ASHLEY GREENE: Well, I think they’re just jealous that I sparkle and speak elfin and have cute little pointy ears.

SHEEN: It’s true.

GREENE: So, yes, there’s discrimination. But I really don’t care.

SHEEN: You do get described as pixie-like a lot. In my younger days, I used to get described as sort of elf-like. I think it’s probably a lot easier to deal with that if you’re a pretty girl, rather than a sort of average-looking boy.

GREENE: I’m sorry about your adolescence.

SHEEN: How did Twilight come about? Do you remember how it all went down?

GREENE: It was just another audition. My managers were like, “You’re going into a great casting office. They cast great projects. They’re sticklers. If you suck, they won’t call you back in.” So I was like, Okay, I’ll pay extra attention. Then I figured out there wasn’t a script or a breakdown, but there was a book. So I got the series and fell in love with it. Then that determination kicked in and I was like, Okay, I’m going to book this part is what’s going to happen. I worked my butt off for it.

SHEEN: Now there’s so much more to this whole Twilight thing than just the films, isn’t there? There’s everything that goes with it—it’s a huge sort of phenomenon. What’s it like being right at the epicenter of that whole thing?

GREENE: [sighs] It’s a really hard thing to wrap your head around. I was working at a restaurant, I booked the role in Twilight, put in my two weeks’ notice, got fitted, flew to Portland, filmed, and then it started getting hype. That helped me get my foot into certain doors before the movie even came out. I did fourindependent films during the break between Twilight [2008] and New Moon. I haven’t even really had time to sit back and process it all. But when you do finallysit back and think about it, it’s incredible. 

SHEEN: Yeah, I’ve seen the pictures. Twilight has obviously opened quite a few doors. Did I not see you as a fashion correspondent on the VMAs this year?

GREENE: I was, yeah.

SHEEN: So obviously you’ve developed an interest in fashion since the last time I saw you.

GREENE: You’re a jerk.

SHEEN: [laughs] Don’t say that. I’m the interviewer, and you can’t call the person who’s interviewing you a jerk. That’s the reason why I agreed to do this: I can do whatever I want. So tell me about fashion. Do you feel pressure every time you go out because you know that there’s a high chance that someone’s going to take a picture of you walking down the street? Do you feel a pressure to not dress in jean shorts and flip-flops?

GREENE: There was a moment in time where I was kind of having this mini-breakdown because it was all very new, and it was all being thrown at me really quickly, and I was going, “Why are people reporting on this? Why do people care what I’m wearing or what I’m eating, and why are people looking down on me because I’m not wearing high heels?” That’s the downside to being in the public eye. When girls come up and say, “You’re my role model,” it’s really flattering, but it’s also really scary because I’m not perfect and I’m going to make mistakes. I’ve just decided that I have to continue to live my life and do what I do. Hopefully, people love me because of who I am, not who I pretend to be.

SHEEN: Is it true that your Twitter name is HotForRob23?

GREENE: That’s absolutely not true.

Läs hela intervjun här.

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.. 2010-01-13 | 20:34:02

Little Ashes nominerad till GLAAD Awards

Little Ashes, filmen Robert är med i, är nominerad till GLAAD awards, under kategorin Outstanding Film - Limited Release. GLAAD är en förkortning av Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. I denna film gör Rob nakenscener med en annan man.


Källa: RPO

.. 2010-01-13 | 16:52:00

Visste du att...

Hittade den här "visste du att..." listan om Twilight-filmen hos Twilightfans.

Visste du att...

- Tröjan Bella har på sig första dagen från början var röd, men de färgade den till grön?

- Kristen bar Catherine Hardwickes (Director) kortärmade tröja i en av kyss-scenerna, och att Catherine aldrig tvättat eller haft den på sig sen dess?

- Victoria bar Catherine Hardwickes såkallade 'rockstar'-byxor?

- Catherine åkte till Pittsburgh för att träffa Kristen när hon var upptagen med att spela in Adventureland. De övade på några scener men det slutade med att de jagade duvor i parken. Dagen efter visste Catherine att hon var den rätta Bella och allt detta efter att ha sett Into the wild?

- I början av filmen är Bella lite utav en "pojkflicka" men efter att hon träffat Edward börjar hon klä sig lite mer feminint och i blommor?

- Hon bär mer grön,- röd, -brunaktiga färger i början men i slutet klär hon sig mer i silvriga, vita, grå och svarta nyanser pga. familjen Cullen?

- Robert skulle egentligen bära peruk för rollen som Edward men han protesterade så mycket att de struntade i den?
- Catherine ringde till Robert när han var i England och fick honom att åka till Los Angeles för att provspela, där han fick sova på hennes soffa?

- Den första scenen han gjorde i provspelningen till Edward var kyssen i Bellas säng. Men i detta fallet var det Catherines säng?

- Robert fick ta nytt körkort i Oregon inför filmen?

- Catherine har kännt Nikki Reed (Rosalie) sedan Nikki var fem år gammal?

- En annan person skulle spela Dr. Carlisle från början men när hans schema inte passade fick Peter rollen. Han hade också skickat en bok till Catherine där det stod 'Hoppas vi får jobba tillsammans en annan gång.' och ett skämt där han var villig att betala 30 dollar för rollen?

- När Victoria, James och Laurent dödar Waylon tar James hans jacka och Victoria hans tröja där det står 'Kiss me, Im Irish'?

- Catherines "adoptivdotter" är med i ett dussin scener i 'Twilight', bl.a när de är i La Push?

- Kyss-scenen i Bellas sovrum filmades första gången i Oregon i ett skjul, men pågrund av att solen lös för starkt (i en vecka mitt på vintern) fick de ta om scenen i en uppbyggd scen i en Elks lodge i Pasadena. Den här gången var Kristen 18?

- Scenen som ska föreställa Arizona inte är inspelad där, utan av budgetskäl är den inspelad i Valencia i Kalifornien?

- När Robert kommer in i kafeterian första gången som Edward är det hans riktiga syster Lizzie Pattinson som sjunger på soundtracket?

- De försökte filma äppelbilden ungefär 10 gånger och var nära på att ge upp. Men det lyckades tillslut i tagning 13?

.. 2010-01-12 | 13:36:12

Bryce Dallas Howard intervju

Här kommer en intervju med Bryce (nya Victoria) om Eclipse.

Källa: TTS

.. 2010-01-11 | 16:10:32

Roligt klipp

Tack till tts

.. 2010-01-10 | 12:11:41

SoBe Ashley intervju

Det blir mycket Ashley nu i bloggen, men det kommer många nya saker om henne. Och det skadar väl inte? Här är iallafall en intervju från när Ashley fotades för SoBe Lifewater. Enjoy.

Källa: TTS

.. 2010-01-10 | 12:03:23

Grattis Alex Meraz

Idag fyller Alex 24 år! Därför måste vi gratta honom, ellerhur.

Grattis vargen!

Bild lånad från tf

.. 2010-01-09 | 20:34:05

Ashley Greene hos Jimmy Fallon

För ett tag sedan var Ashley Greene hos Jimmy Fallon för intervju. Här kommer ett bättre klipp.

Hon är så söt. Vet inte hur många gånger jag har sagt det.

Källa: TTS

.. 2010-01-09 | 11:14:04

Kristen sjunger i Into the wild

Här är ett videoklipp på när Kristen sjunger i Into the wild. Visst är hon duktig?

Källa: TF

.. 2010-01-08 | 17:40:19

Ashey Greene för Lifewater

Yes. Ashley Greene fotades för Lifewater, och nu har bilderna kommit.



















Gosh. Hur snygg är hon inte?

Källa: TTS

.. 2010-01-07 | 17:06:34

Vad Twilight vann på People's Choice Awards

Källa: TF

.. 2010-01-06 | 11:58:19


Har aldrig sett det här förut.

Här är iallafall lite ord på quileuteska.

Ett =    Wihl [ WAY - th]
Två = Hla’o [THAH - oo]
Tre= Qa’al [KWAH - uhl]
Fyra= Ba’iyas  [BAH - uh - yahs]
Fem= Tasi [TAH-see]

Godmorgon = Ha’ch chí [hah-ch chee-EH]

Godnatt = Ha’ch awí [hah-ch uh-WAY]

Hur mår du? (till en kille) = Ayásocha [uh-YAH-so-CHUH]
Hur mår du? (till en tjej) = Ayásochid [uh-YAH-so-CHID]

Jag mår bra! = Há’chli, ho [HAH-ch-lee Ho]

klicka för uttal!

Här är lite mer Twilightrelaterat

Jag skall till Forks = Pokskilli [POKES-kay-thlee]

Quilieute = Kòlíyot’  [kwoh-LAY-yoh-t!]

Och kanske det allra viktigaste, vad Jacob säger till Bella innan de nästan kysser varandra.

Kwop kilawtley = Stanna med mig, föralltid


.. 2010-01-06 | 11:14:23

Tre nya namn på Eclipselistan

Tre nya namn har upptäckts på Eclipselistan.

Monique Ganderton – “Beautiful Vampiress”

Ben Geldreich – “John”
Ben Geldreich

Justin Rain – “Quileute Warrior”

.. 2010-01-06 | 11:09:58

Nya Actionfigurer

Det har kommit fyra nya figurer. En på Jasper, En halvnaken Jacob och två Edward. En vanlig och en som glittrar. Hur underbart är inte det?

Källa: nmm

.. 2010-01-03 | 17:31:35

Kellan på nyårsafton


Dagens bild får bli en bild på Kellan på nyårsafton. Heting.

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