.. 2010-11-01 | 13:16:52

Dagens bild

Breaking Dawn AshleyGreene1 New/Old Outtakes Of Ashley Greene ashley greene

Dagens bild får Ashley stå för. Så sjukt snygg.

.. 2010-10-17 | 21:54:42

Info om BD-castet

Lite information om de nykomna skådespelarna till Breaking Dawn.

Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy)
Breaking Dawn screen shot 2010 10 12 at 12.01.08 am Moviefone: Meet the Breaking Dawn Cast of Newbie Vampires breaking dawn castingThe only new addition to the Cullen family is nine-year old actress and model Mackenzie Foy, who was confirmed by Stephenie Meyer herself on the Twilight Facebook page as the one to play Renesmee, Bella and Edward’s daughter. According to IMDb, her only other acting experiences have been appearances in two TV series, ‘FlashForward’ (2010) and ‘Til Death’ (2009). Nothing has been said about who will be playing Renesmee as a baby and toddler, although the possibility of CGI work is ever present.

The Denali family are vegetarian allies and “cousins” of the Cullens who reside in Alaska.

Irina Denali (Maggie Grace)
Breaking Dawn maggie grace 150fp101310 Moviefone: Meet the Breaking Dawn Cast of Newbie Vampires breaking dawn castingIrina, one of the three Denali coven “sisters,” will be played by Maggie Grace, whom you may have seen in ‘Taken’ (2009), as well as TV’s ‘Lost’ (2004-10). Irina’s vengeful act against the Cullens — an ill-informed decision brought about by her grief for her wolf-murdered lover Laurent — involves the Volturi and the Cullens in yet another epic stand-off.

Tanya Denali (MyAnna Buring)
Breaking Dawn myanna buring 150fp101310 Moviefone: Meet the Breaking Dawn Cast of Newbie Vampires breaking dawn castingMyAnna Buring will portray Tanya, another of the Denali “sisters.” This one, however, has a history with Edward Cullen. The centuries-old strawberry blond vampire — one of the originators of the succubus myth — still harbors feelings for the mind-reading Cullen, even though he doesn’t feel the same way. The Swedish-born Buring has been in dozens of small television and movie roles, such as ‘The Descent’ (2005) and ‘Doomsday’ (2008).

Katrina Denali (Casey LaBow)
Breaking Dawn casey lebow 150fp101310 Moviefone: Meet the Breaking Dawn Cast of Newbie Vampires breaking dawn castingThe third Denali “sister,” Katrina (or Kate), will be played by Casey LaBow, who was last seen in ‘Skateland’ (2010), which also starred Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in ‘The Twilight Saga.’ Kate’s special vampire ability is a Taser-like current she can use to bring others down — all they’ve got to do is touch her skin. In ‘Breaking Dawn’ she finds her mate, the nomad Garrett (who is yet to be cast).

Carmen (Mia Maestro)
Breaking Dawn mia maestro 150fp101310 Moviefone: Meet the Breaking Dawn Cast of Newbie Vampires breaking dawn castingMia Maestro will play Carmen, who along with her mate Eleazar, originally came from Spain and later join the Denali coven. Edward describes her as “a compassionate soul,” and she is the first of the witnesses to accept Renesmee, angering her family.

Eleazar (Christian Camargo)
Breaking Dawn christian camargo 150fp101310 Moviefone: Meet the Breaking Dawn Cast of Newbie Vampires breaking dawn castingEleazar is portrayed by Christian Camargo, whose recent work includes ‘The Hurt Locker’ (2009) and ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’ (2007). The Spanish Eleazar was once a Volturi guard, but left them to live a more peaceful life with Carmen; they eventually find the Denali coven. He is also the one who explains Bella’s special mind-shielding abilities to her, helping her understand how to fully use it to protect herself and others from the Volturi.

Several nomadic American vampires were called upon by the Cullens for help, including Garrett, one of Carlisle’s oldest and closest friends, and Peter and Charlotte, friends of Jasper’s since his time in the South. Fortunately for the humans of Forks, these non-vegetarian vampires have better-than-average self-control.

Lee PaceGarrett (Lee Pace)
Lee Pace is taking on the role of Garrett, Carlisle’s close friend and the future mate of Katrina Denali. Pace was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work in the TV movie ‘Soldier’s Girl’ (2004), and he also starred in ‘Pushing Daisies’ (2007-2009), ‘A Single Man’ (2009) and ‘Marmaduke’ (2010). Garrett is a tall, handsome vampire with sandy hair and a ponytail. He has an adventurous spirit, and joins the Denali coven after the Volturi leave.



Peter (Erik Odom)
Peter will be played by Erik Odom, who has had roles on TV's 'The Bureau' (2009) and 'Wicked Attraction' (2009). Peter's change occurred in the aftermath of the Southern Vampire Wars, during which he befriended Jasper and became mated to Charlotte. Peter is described in the books as a tall, blond vampire. He and Charlotte came to Forks to lend support to the Cullens against their standoff with the Volturi.

Charlotte (Valorie Curry)
Peter's mate, Charlotte, will be played by Valorie Curry, an actress who appeared in several episodes of the critically acclaimed TV show 'Veronica Mars' (2005-2006). The tiny and white-blond Charlotte was created for Maria's newborn army and was about to be destroyed by Jasper when Peter yelled for her to run. Both escaped safely, eventually becoming mates. She and Peter stayed friends with Jasper and the Cullens, visiting regularly.


Mary (Toni Trucks)
Toni Trucks will play Mary, an American nomad who has come to help the Cullens against the Volturi. As an actress, Trucks has had roles on the big screen, in 'Music and Lyrics' (2007), as well as on television, in 'All of Us' (2007) and 'Veronica Mars' (2007).

Åh, jag tror att Mackenzie Foy kan göra ett riktigt bra jobb som Renesmee.

.. 2010-09-29 | 18:33:50

MacKenzie Foy som Renesmee

Ibland är hon faktiskt väldigt lik den Renesmee jag har tänkt mig i huvudet.

.. 2010-08-30 | 15:00:06

Dagens bild


Dagens bild blir en söt bild på BooBoo Stewart.

.. 2010-07-31 | 08:59:10

Dagens bilder

Aww, så söta.

Xavier (Riley) och Ashley (Alice). Visst är de söta? Haha. Egentligen är de ju "fiender", hehe.

Från TF

.. 2010-07-26 | 17:01:55

Dagens bild

Dagens bild får bli denna på Kristen då hon jonglerade när hon besökte Lopez Show. Söt.

.. 2010-07-18 | 12:10:46

Dagens Bild

Dagens bild är från en av de vackraste scenerna i Eclipse.

.. 2010-07-06 | 06:42:39

Dagens bild

Länge sedan jag körde med en Dagens bild, så här kommer en.


Visst är de söta tillsammans?

.. 2010-05-16 | 10:25:01

Dagens bild

En annorlunda, men vacker bild på Rob och Kristen.

.. 2010-01-03 | 17:31:35

Kellan på nyårsafton


Dagens bild får bli en bild på Kellan på nyårsafton. Heting.

.. 2009-12-21 | 09:34:18

Vackra Ashley Greene bilder

Jag hittade två vackra och rätt nya bilder på Ashley Greene för inte så länge sedan.

Dessa får bli dagens bilder.

.. 2009-10-10 | 22:44:29

Dagens bild

Dagens blir en söt bild på Rob.

.. 2009-10-08 | 21:01:20

Äkta Twi-fan?


Hittade den här bilden på TTS. Det borde då vara ett riktigt twilightfan som äger denna bild, för vem hade annars haft så många twilightbilder på den?

Tror ni att den är så på riktigt, eller bara photoshoppad?
Skulle vara kul om det var på riktigt.

.. 2009-10-05 | 08:10:18

Dagens bild

Dagens bild får vackra Ashley stå för.

.. 2009-09-14 | 21:31:16

Söt bild från VMA

Hur söt är inte den här bilden? Jag gillar faktiskt Kristens hår. Iallafall mer än Joan Jett stilen. Fast det är väl klart att jag fortfarande saknar hennes Bellahår.

.. 2009-09-13 | 19:45:06

Dagens bild

Rachelle får vara i centrum idag.
Synd att hon inte fick vara med i Eclipse, men Bryce kommer säkert att göra ett bra jobb. Iallafall, till minne utav vår Rachelle-Victoria får hon vara dagens bild idag.

.. 2009-09-11 | 21:14:59


En lite rolig Twi-serie.

I originalstorlek här och här.

Källa: TA

.. 2009-09-10 | 16:20:27

Dagens bild

Den här fina bilden på Kristen får bli dagens bild!
Jag älskar hennes leende.

.. 2009-09-03 | 16:09:09

Dagens bild

Dagens bild får vackra Nikki stå för.

.. 2009-09-02 | 21:35:30

Funny Twilight

Det finns en massa roliga Twilight-bilder.

Här kommer två.

Edward did WHAT!?

Twilight Funny #22

Tack till twicandy.

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