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Denzel Whitaker om Taylor on set of Abduction


Denzel Whitaker briefly discusses ‘Abduction’ and what it was like working with John Singleton and Taylor Lautner:

You’ve got another film coming out next year, ‘Abduction’ with John Singleton. What was it like working on that movie?

‘Abduction’ was crazy. It was a wild ride. It was fun. It’s unbelievable seeing the amount of hysteria that can go down surrounding Taylor Lautner and his fans in that town or in any town. Literally, they come out in hoards with posters and signs and support, always trying to find out what the next location is. It was like a wild goose chase trying to get the film down because we always had fans interrupting the shots. Other than that I had a wild time. It was great working with John. We had some high action scenes. A lot of material that he gave me and cast members, a lot of room to play around and just really express ourselves on film, not only as characters but as actors. I enjoyed that a lot.

What’s your role in that movie?

I play Taylor Lautner’s best friend, pretty much the go to guy. Pretty much, his character ends up on a wild, wild chase to figure out who his parents are and he’s also running from immediate danger. So with that being said he needs all the information that he can get and I’m his go to guy in the film, whether it’s fake ID’s or just figuring out the best route to get out of the city or just helping him along the way in trying to trace down his parents. He comes to me and confides in me because I’ve been his best friend for so long and I also have access to all this technology.

What’s it like working with someone who has that kind of fan base where, like, on ‘My Soul To Keep’ there’s not quite the same fan base there for the actors?

Right. I mean, other than it literally being an interruption on set maybe here or there, the security levels having to be heightened I don’t find it any different. As a person Taylor was no different than me working with Max or me working with a newcomer because he was just genuine, which is interesting to find. He was a very genuine person. He was very charismatic. It’s like fame hadn’t really affected him as the person I had know and so he treated me and every other actor the same way that he’s been treating us throughout the whole year. So it was never something uncomfortable or a situation that was anything different or out of the ordinary. It was just like working with a fellow coworker.

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