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Isle Esme

Här får vi några bilder på hur Isle Esme kommer att se ut, på ett ungefär.

Text från Twifans:

What you will see in these photos are some major cleaning, some changing of the exterior landscape, and tons of security. Isle Esme is located in Paraty, Brazil and the cast is staying 5 minutes away via helicopter from fan reports. These photos were taken as close as Amanda could get to the set yesterday. This might be the best we are going to get until after filming has concluded.

Rumors of a waterfall filming is happening first thing tomorrow morning. What could Edward & Bella be doing in a waterfall....inquiring TwiFans wanna know!!!



- frida norberg

ser ganska bra ut inte som jag hade förestält mig män ändå fint så det blir nog bra :D

jag längtar tills den visas

Datum: 2010-11-13, Tid: 15:25:39

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