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Isle Esme inspelningen är avklarad

Nu är tydligen inspelningen av Isle Esme scenerna färdiga.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are saying goodbye to Brazil. The on-and-off-screen couple has been in Paraty, Brazil, all week to film the “Isle of Esme” honeymoon scenes.

HollywoodLife.com spoke with a source close to production who revealed that Breaking Dawn producers rented the house for 22 days at the end of October, but Rob and Kristen are leaving the tropical paradise Nov. 13 by helicopter.

“It took the production crew 10 days to change the house to the way they wanted it [for the film],” our  source tells us. “Then they spent five days filming scenes and now they will spend the next five days changing the house back to the way it was before.”

Several fans tweeted Nov. 9 that Rob and Kristen filmed the highly-anticipated “feather scene,” in which Bella wakes up covered in feathers after losing her virginity to Edward.

Though we know Rob and Kristen are leaving Brazil, we’re told they aren’t going straight back to Baton Rouge, La., to film more Breaking Dawn scenes. Our source says Rob and Kristen are “making a stop in LA” before returning to their private love nest!

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