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Rob på ABC Celebrity's Minimal List

Robert Pattinson kom på andra plats på ABC Celebrity's lista över rika män som bidrar till minskad komsution.

2. “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson probably gets lots of presents from fans and brands that want to
be associated with his pretty mug, but apparently, he’s not into material things.

“I’m not one for comforts and stuff. I think I can kind of do without most things. I bought a really nice guitar recently, which is the only thing I’ve ever really spent a lot of money on,” he said. “But that’s the only thing. I had my apartment in London before when I was unemployed—this tiny little place and I liked it more. You had to walk through a restaurant kitchen and up this staircase filled with trash and there’s no heating. I like that. But now it’s quite difficult. I can’t live in places like that anymore.” Which is a shame because living on the other side of a restaurant kitchen sounds perfect for midnight snacking shenanigans

Källa: TTS


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